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Our Most Popular Office Water Products
Midi-Classic distilled water machine. Midi-Classic
A compact automatic refill machine that can be placed almost anywhere. With the optional demand pump you can supply water to other appliances and or a faucet to get full use of the seven gallon a day production capacity.

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Mega-Classic distilled water machine. Mega-Classic
If more production capacity is needed, the Mega can really put out. With it's built in demand pump and 1500 watt heating element, 12 gallons a day can be sent where ever you want it. Automatic boiling tank drain feature makes maintenance a breeze.

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Fountain-Classic distilled water machine. Fountain-Classic
The Fountain Classic is built with the break room of your company in mind. With the high capacity of 10 gallons a day and the three temperature features, all your staff's needs for pure water can be satisfied. The backlit display screen can be customized with any image you like. Even a cork board bulletin board or white board can be offered.

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Ultima-Classic distilled water machine. Ultima-Classic
The Ultima is for break rooms also. With up to 12 gallons a day production and four gallons of on demand cold water, a gallon of really hot water, large staffs can be taken care of.

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Other Commercial Products

C50 commercial distilled water machine. C50 Commercial Distillation System
High-quality steam distilled water for commercial and institutional applications. Whether for a small bottling operation, a water store, or manufacturing need, this 50 or 60 gallon a day distiller is state of the art.

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C630 commercial distilled water machine. C630 Multi-Stage Commercial Distiller
For large scale bottling operations, high rise residential drinking water applications, or supplying hundreds of people in large facilities with pure drinking water the C630 out performs with over 600 gallons of production each day.

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Greater Texas Water Company is your authorized dealer for AquaNui premium distllers. These premium machines are designed and sold with the do-it-yourself-customer in mind. Click on an AquaNui product below to visit the AquaNui website where you can get more details. You'll have the ability to purchase any AquaNui product directly from the factory.

While AquaNui distillers are designed for installation by the homeowner and are shipped with installation instructions, a quote from Greater Texas Water Company is available for installations in Texas.

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AquaNui CT residential distilled water machine. AquaNui CT
Our countertop model produces 0.8 gal. per batch. Perfect for tight spaces. Includes storage container.

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AquaNui 8G residential distilled water machine. AquaNui 8G
Daily 8 gal. output. Comes with storage tank options. Great for couples with pets! Shown with 5 gal. storage tank.

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AquaNui 10G residential distilled water machine. AquaNui 10G
Daily 10 gal. production with storage tank options. Ideal for small families. Shown with 10 gal. storage tank.

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AquaNui 12G residential distilled water machine. AquaNui 12G
Our largest: 12 gal. per day. Great for growing families and businesses. Shown with 15 gal. storage tank.

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